Janai was surprised to day by a fantastic letter and Certificate of Appreciation from Community Connections. The letter reads:

Dear Ms. Meyer,

We are happy to award you a Certificate of Appreciation, which is presented to groups or individuals who do not work for the agency, who have demonstrated whole-hearted service to customers/staff of Community Connections in support of our mission. The nomination statement authored by several Community Connections staff members is:
“Janai Meyer is knowledgeable, flexible, family friendly and willing to help in all aspects of the Early Learning Program most specifically the Food Program. She has brought energetic programs to the Home Child Care providers through her expertise in nutrition. Recently she presented an entire workshop on nutrition and home gardening. The Child Care providers had a take away of how small of an area is needed to enhance the knowledge of their children plus provide good nutrition. Janai has been a needed resource for our program when children ages zero to three have feeding issues. We appreciate what she does in our community and for our program. We would like to present her with a Certificate of Appreciation.”

Community Connection Award to Janai Meyer
Letter of Award

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