Happy Wednesday, everyone! We are just over two weeks into 2018! Can you believe it?? How are your New Year resolutions going? We invited Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Janai Meyer, to the store to discuss easy ways you can incorporate well balanced, healthy food choices into your life on a consistent basis. Janai shared some great information with us! We talked about cupboard staples to have on hand so you can make quick, wholesome meals in a pinch without breaking the bank, healthy ways to fuel your body all day long to avoid being “Hangry” and miserable, as well as understanding a little bit about why we binge eat and what we can do to pick up where we left off and move forward in positive ways when we get off track. We will be posting Janai’s shopping list as well as a few of her recipes in the next couple of days. So, keep an eye out for those. Thank you for shopping at Tatsuda’s! We truly appreciate you! Cheers!! Source