Do you know someone who is expecting a baby right now? While the mom-to-be is undoubtedly excited about welcoming her bundle of joy into the world, she might be feeling a little uncertain about having a baby during the pandemic. The expectant moms of today have to cope with a limited support network and face the ongoing threat of infection. Your friend needs your help now more than ever! Helping pregnant friends navigate the pandemic.

Settle Her Fears

It’s normal to feel anxious during pregnancy, especially when there’s a pandemic going on. Help your friend manage her fears so she can relax a little.

● Encourage her to share her concerns with you. Try to listen and validate her feelings without passing judgment or offering unsolicited advice.
● Call her up for a virtual lady’s night so she can forget about her concerns for a while.
● Recommend natural stress-relieving strategies like walking, yoga, or meditation.
● Sign her up for an online birth class to know what to expect when the big day comes.

Help Her Pack a Hospital Bag

Due to COVID-19, many hospitals have adjusted their policies to protect moms and their babies. Help your friend ensure she has everything she needs for a safe and comfortable stay.

● Include some comfortable clothing to wear at the hospital, like a soft delivery gown and a nursing top.
● Pack plenty of snacks and drinks, so your friend’s support person won’t have to leave the maternity unit to track down food.
● Remember to include a going-home outfit for the new baby and a warm blanket to ward off the cold winter weather.
● A wireless charger allows for easy charging so she can stay connected with loved ones at all times.

Stock Her Freezer

New moms hardly have time to take a shower, let alone go grocery shopping and prepare meals. Stock her freezer with nutritious, homemade meals that she can pop in the oven.

● It’s easy to get sick of soup. Some freezer-friendly alternatives include stuffed peppers, chicken tenders, and meatballs.
● Cook up plenty of one-handed snacks that she can quickly thaw in the microwave.
● Veggie-packed, crustless mini quiches make for an excellent grab-and-go breakfast!

Very few moms know what it’s like to be pregnant during COVID-19. Make sure your friend feels supported as she navigates the challenges of having a baby during the pandemic. Offer a listening ear, be understanding, and find tangible ways to help from a distance. The gift of a simple freezer meal or a comfortable delivery gown can go a long way.

Is your friend feeling overwhelmed at the idea of becoming a mom? Helping Pregnant Friends Navigate the Pandemic and encourage her to reach out to Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC for birth, postpartum, infant feeding support, nutrition therapy, birth doula, and childbirth prep and education, and much more.

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