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Do you need a breastpump? Truthfully, not all moms do, but if you are planning to return to work or be away from baby while providing breastmilk, then I recommend you start looking for a pump in your 3rd trimester. Most private insurances cover the cost of a pump and I have billable insurance & retail pumps in the clinic. I know breast pumps! Request my Breastpump Selection Guide below!

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On a family trip to Alaska on a cruise, I left my pump accessories at home. I was hand pumping for two days, and in so much pain because I could not express what I needed. I wouldn’t have milk for my baby. THANK GOODNESS we found Janai’s contact info. We asked her where to get supplies or if she had any we could come get. She, happily and without hesitation, took time out of her day to BRING ME the accessories I needed in the short time we had in Ketchikan. My husband and I did get the chance to speak with her for a little while and it took no time to know how kind and compassionate she is. I can tell she cares about mothers and understands how important this was to me. THANK YOU AGAIN JANAI!!


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