Breast & Bottle Feeding Support

Breast pumps, supplies, and support. Insurance-billable pumps and services are available. Contact us to Learn More! Breastfeeding or breastmilk feeding (bottle) is the single most powerful and lifelong health choice you will decide for your child.   

The truth is breastfeeding may require some work and preparation. It can be painful, confusing and exhausting. Too often personal advice comes as misguided support and often derails your confidence and infant feeding efforts. For example, no matter what you’ve been told, there is zero reason to “toughen up ” your nipples. 

The simple fact is that the first hours and first two weeks after birth are very CRITICAL and important to establish a pain-free, successful infant feeding for the first year.  

Your breastfeeding experience will be as unique as your pregnancy, birth and child. Something unexpected will happen during labor and breastfeeding.  Being prepared and supported is ideal.

You can enjoy a calm, confident and pain-free breastfeeding. 

It is my passion and life’s work to remove the road blocks and misinformation while supporting all parents to achieve successful breast or chestfeeding, in a calm, confident and individual way. Over 20 years  I have finely crafted my proven program called Nurtured and Nourished ™   for you and your baby.

Many parents have shared with me. “I wish I had met you before baby was born” 

Feeding your baby is YOUR choice. My role and experience is to support and guide your choices. I am here to help you navigate infant feeding in a PAIN FREE, CALM, CONFIDENT and HEALTHY way.

Breast pumps, supplies, and support. Insurance-billable pumps and services are available. Contact us to Learn More!

Latch Checklist for Successful & Pain Free First Feeding

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I Learned to Give Myself More Grace

Janai helped me become a more confident mother and learned to give myself more grace. I felt heard, care for, and knew I had someone to talk to when things became stressful. She has a way of making people feel secure and capable. I am so thankful for the time and devotion Janai gave to my husband and me. We were trying to navigate both being first-time parents and the beginning of this crazy pandemic. Janai was a sounding board, a wealth of knowledge and support system to us both. I will never forget the time she took in answering questions and comforting a very overwhelmed mother.


Worried My Newborn Daughter Wasn't Getting Enough Breast Milk

You were very comforting, making me believe we could exclusively breastfeed I was much more relaxed when feeding my daughter once I learned at my session with you that she just takes longer to eat than I had anticipated, but she was still getting the amount she needed to thrive. Knowing that allowed me to embrace the long feeds.The best thing that happened was reaching my goal of exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months and continue breastfeeding for almost a year. This experience with Janai was invaluable because it allowed me to provide what I felt was best for my daughter, and having that confidence to do so greatly lowered my stress. If you want someone with extensive knowledge who will encourage you, not intimidate you, then work with Janai! Thank you for all you did!


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