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Hummingbird Diabetes Self Management
Education Program

In February 2020, the prestigious American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Program was awarded to the Hummingbird Diabetes Program at Janai Meyer, Nutrition & Lactation, LLC, for consistent and quality diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES). 

This is not your typical Diabetes Education Program. Although we abide by the ADA requirements to be a recognized program, over her 20+year career, Janai developed a proven process to support your individual needs for self-management of your blood sugar and diabetes once and for all.

This is why we are different and why we can help you learn to navigate living with diabetes!

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CLIENT STORIES - I struggled for many years..

I developed Type II Diabetes. My body was out of sync, I wasn’t sure whether to eat and what to eat and how much and then had the added burden of being put on medications that I didn’t want to take. I battled with this for several years and then… along came an option. That option was that I could take control of the situation, go to a reputable Dietitian which is exactly what I did. Thanks to the knowledge Janai, passed on to me, I got my diabetes under control with a 5.5 – 6.3 A1c and in May 2013, my doctors took me off medications, saying, “you have it under control and let’s see how you do without these”. Needless to say, I was ecstatic and Janai was the first person I called…!


The Watermelon Story

I want to share a story with you about my work in diabetes care and prevention. Twenty-four years ago, when I was a baby dietitian, I meet with an older gentleman that had been living with diabetes long before I was born. He started to share that with me, that in the past few years, watermelon would spike his blood sugars. As I was taught, I ran through my checklist, of proper use use of his meter, and settled on portion size of his watermelon as the culprit. With a big ole textbook in my face I repeated to him, “You can have 1.25 cups cubed watermelon.” He then repeated his recent finding that it spiked his blood sugars.
Just then, as he gently placed his hand on the top of the textbook, which now had my nose in it and it was positioned between he and I. He lowered the booked and said, “Young lady I (tapping on his chest) CANNOT eat watermelon.” My jaw and book dropped. I immediately got it.

The Lesson Learned

From that day on, I truly listened to what my clients saw and how their bodies navigated living with diabetes as well as how this disease can and most likely will change over time.  Time and time again, I heard people share how their bodies reacted to the foods they ate uniquely and individually. Hindsight, this is where my diabetes care started to shift and develop into the personalized the process I offer now.

If you are struggling or have struggled with what to eat, when to eat, adding more and more medications, and are frustrated and exhausted from it all, I can guide you through how to manage your diabetes calmly and confidently once and for all.

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