Pickles as a Veggie? Huh?

Bonus Harvest Sept 14, 2013 Ketchikan, Alaska

Bonus Harvest Sept 14, 2013 Ketchikan, Alaska

We have enjoyed an unusually warm and sunny summer in southeast Alaska. I was gifted a 10×5′ raised garden bed from my boys for Mothers Day. I carefully planned out my square foot raised bed, knowing full well my time to care and fuss over the garden was extremely limited. I asked my boys, what was the one veggie they had to have? My oldest was CARROTS! and my youngest was PICKLES! Yes he said PICKLES. He argued (quite well btw) about the fact that pickles are veggies. So pre-pickles and carrots it is! The garden was over planted. The zucchini was a space hog as were the cabbage and tomatoes in turn. The carrots grew oddly in circles and not down, fooling us all by the large, lush green tops. So sorry to my oldest son Nolan.

We are very pleased to share a picture of our first pre-pickle harvest. My son Dutch was ecstatic! Let the pickling begin!!

Focus on the fun. Aim to feed your family well not perfectly. Eat well ~ Be well


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