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 by KM
Huge help and a blessing!

I was very lucky to connect with Janai Meyer early on in my pregnancy. I wanted to find someone who could educate us, advocate for us, and support my decisions as I figured out my path into motherhood. Janai did just that and more!

I was able to follow her recommendations for birthing classes and take her classes on breastfeeding. Following her recommendations saved me from being overwhelmed by the excessive amount of information at our fingertips. Even though we connected remotely for the first few months, I could always reach Janai when I needed her. I avoided a lot of the normal stress leading up to the birth because no matter who my doctors and nurses were, Janai would be there to support my husband, me, and our first baby.

When I went into labor she worked tirelessly beside us. Of course, my birth experience was an adventure and at times of high stress she was there to comfort and reassure me. My birth story would have felt more traumatic if Janai wasn't there helping us. We were exhausted after the birth, but Janai stayed and patiently taught me how to breastfeed. Janai’s support and ability to teach made my breastfeeding journey a success. Janai has been a valued caregiver from pregnancy through postpartum.

Janai holds herself to high standards and loves her work deeply and it shows with every interaction. The journey into motherhood can be scary but having the support of a doula like Janai who worked hard to ensure our families needs were met, made a huge difference!

 by Jessica Barlog

The whole journey of conceiving, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can be such a wildcard that no amount of preparation can truly prepare you for. When you combine that with a relatively isolated location with limited resources, it can all quickly become overwhelming. I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but of course found myself unexpectedly facing challenges that made me feel utterly (udderly? Hahaha, jk) defeated from the very beginning; the nurses at the hospital did their best to help but they just didn’t have the time/knowledge to provide the level of assistance I needed. Luckily I was referred to Janai, who was most definitely a savior. It’s very apparent from first introduction that she’s very passionate about what she does and is genuinely happy to see families succeed with their lactation journey, no matter how that looks. She’s willing to share her personal experiences for relatability, and also provide scientific, fact-based research for additional resources. She’s extremely flexible and willing to accommodate you in whichever way she can, and also goes the extra mile when dealing with insurance providers. While I no longer require Janai’s services, I’m thankful that she continues to offer them and feel she’s a great resource to this community.

 by Chelsea Youmans

My 34 week angel’s arrival and breastfeeding journey looked nothing like what I had planned, a week in the NICU, she was only allowed to nurse at the breast once a day due to weight concerns and need for additional protein supplements.
As we got home, pumping and supplements continued for a month (due to weight issues) she seemed to struggle more and more to latch. It seemed like bf just wasn’t in the cards for our girl and I was crushed. My OB felt my sadness and referred me to Janai. She far exceeded my expectations and with her support we mastered her latch and bf successfully for 16 months.

Thank you for doing what you do. You are such a blessing to new mamas and babies.

 by Bonnie Olson
Weight Loss Success

After surgery and chemotherapy last year I sought help from Janai to get my weight down to a healthy range due to obesity and resulting health issues in my mother's family. Janai's good advice paired with a "can-do" exercise program now keeps my BMI in a normal range. I learned that I can keep my blood sugars within normal range and still have an occasional treat.

 by Maggie & Stephen
Instilled Confidence to Face Labor and Birth

She is amazing at instilling confidence to face labor and birth with the information and skills needed. She will give all information so you can decide how you personally want to handle your birth experience. She is a great provider and confidant to encourage moms and dads on their coming arrival of a new baby. Especially during a pandemic, Janai was a necessity for giving myself and my husband the calm, safe learning environment to prepare for labor. Worth every penny and more. I can not recommend her enough to anyone I know who is preparing for a baby. Stellar reviews of personal experience as doula and labor consultant She gave confidence and calmness to handle current and hopefully, future births Thank you! I truly appreciate hearing about your experience working with me!

I worried my newborn daughter wasn't getting enough breast milk.

You were very comforting, making me believe we could exclusively breastfeed instead of seeming worried.
I was much more relaxed when feeding my daughter once I learned at my session with you that she just takes longer to eat than I had anticipated, but she was still getting the amount she needed to thrive. Knowing that allowed me to embrace the long feeds.
The best thing that happened was reaching my goal of exclusively breastfeeding my second child for 6 months and continue breastfeeding for almost a year. This experience with Janai was invaluable because it allowed me to provide what I felt was best for my daughter, and having that confidence to do so greatly lowered my stress. I would say if you want someone with extensive knowledge who will encourage you, not intimidate you, then work with Janai! Thank you for all you did!

 by Autumn Hasibar
I learned to give myself more grace

What made Janai stand out from others was her personal care and dedication to me. She helped me become a more confident mother and learned to give myself more grace. I felt heard, care for, and knew I had someone to talk to when things became stressful with trying to feed my newborn. I have full confidence in Janai's ability to help and instruct others. Even when things don't end with the initial result desired, she has a way of making people feel secure and capable. I am so thankful for the time and devotion Janai gave to my husband and me. We were trying to navigate both being first-time parents and the beginning of this crazy pandemic. Janai was a sounding board, a wealth of knowledge and support system to us both. I will never forget the time she took in answering questions and comforting a very overwhelmed mother.

 by Heather
Very knowledgeable help

Talking with Janai during my stretch of breastfeeding premature twins put my mind at ease. I went through so many emotions during our time in the NICU, Janai was able to talk me through my worries of supply, mastitis, and general overall “how in the heck am I going to do this?!”. I trust her knowledge and experience to give anyone thoughtful, supportive, and very caring information - no matter how you choose to feed your baby. I have even contacted her in the years following my own journey to get info or friends. No who I was getting info for, she provided caring words together with science and journals to back it up (I’m an analyst!)

 by Jenn
Breastfeeding Support

I was on vacation and struggling to keep up with milk production for my 2 1/2month old. I thought I was doing everything right, balanced meals, staying hydrated, etc., but Janai has taught me there is SO much more to milk production than nutrition and hydration. Both me and my little one are so much happier and thankful for the help! I would definitely recommend Janai to anyone struggling with breastfeeding. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind.

 by Arrianne Cayde
The Best

Janai has always been very helpful since the beginning of my motherhood journey! I am a first time mom, I had problems with breastfeeding/latching/clogged. I met her when she did a house visit 5 days post partum. She taught me everything I needed to know then. If you have a questions, rest-assured.. Janai will have an answer for you. She truly cares about us mamas . I love coming in to see her in the office, I always feel at ease when I talk to her and is very supportive of my decisions. She is very knowledgeable and informative. I always learn something new when I talk to her. She is always there when I need her, always a phone call or a text away. Thank you so much for your support, kindness, and love.

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