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Janai : A Hidden Gem
City: Ketchikan

I have been suffering from extreme diarrhea for about 4 years now. I have been to family practice, through specialists in Seattle. Test after test no one could figure out what was going on or how to control it. I have been on a lot of medications. I was revered to Janai to look at me diet. After just a few visits she told me about “Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth”. It is where the bacteria in your intestines grow at a rapid pace and cause excessive diarrhea. None of my doctors have heard of it. In fact they had me taking probiotics. That just made matters worse. Because of Janai’s education, background, listening to her clients, and caring she was able to help me guide my doctors to something they did not know about. Janai goes out of her way to care for and help her clients. I would recommend her for any services she offers. She is fantastic, caring, easy to talk to, genuinely cares about each client. If you have a lactating need for expected mom’s, Dietition, or any thing else she offers I would only call Janai. Thanks for everything Janai, Susan

Above and beyond
City: Ketchikan

I reached out to Janai prior to my third pregnancy and spoke with her about my issues nursing my previous two children. I was determined to nurse and was nervous about being successful. After my sons birth, when I had problems and he was struggling to gain weight, not only did she guide me through it but she came to my home and sat with me for helping, guiding and reassuring me until I was comfortable! I nursed my son until he was 3.5!With Janai's guidance, support and knowledge in nutrition as well we have been so blessed to have her as a resource for our four children as we navigate infant, toddler and teen dietary needs. She is a valuable resource in our commmunity.

City: Clinton

I am from Utah. My grandfather took us on a family trip this year to Alaska on a cruise. I left my pump accessories at home on accident. I was hand pumping for two days and in so much pain because I could not express what I needed to and I was really upset I wouldn't have milk for my 8 month old. On the ship I spent a lot of time on the internet and I could not find a store in Alaska that had the accessories or a pump at all, not knowing what stores they had and how to get there in the short time I had between the excursion and the ship leaving. THANK GOODNESS we found Janai's contact info. We asked her where to get supplies or if she had any we could come get. She, happily and without hesitation, took time out of her day to BRING ME the accessories I needed in the short time we had in Ketchikan. My husband and I did get the chance to speak with her for a little while and it took no time to know how kind and compassionate she is. I can tell she cares about mothers and understands how important this was to me. THANK YOU AGAIN JANAI!!

Janai is an amazing resource when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping! She is knowledgeable, kind, extremely helpful and has outstanding customer service. I went to her with questions about pump accessories and with her help got a new pump with my insurance. She even contacted my insurance for me!! The pump accessories are even cheaper than Wal-Mart! Do not hesitate to ask for her help. Facebook review Sept 2014

Janai is a lifesaver!!
City: Ketchikan

Janai is such an amazing support for mommas. As a 3rd time momma I was determined to nurse oue newest babe as long as I could. Unfortunately things did not get off to a great start and I was encouraged when my babe was 3 weeks old to contact Janai. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Even though I was not able to exclusively breastfeed, Janai was and continues to be an amazing support for me! She has encouraged me every step of the way!! I would recommend her to anyone!!

We are so grateful for Janai!
City: Ketchikan

Our son was born and it was a special day! I so looked forward to being a mom and all that it means to be a mom. I was excited about wondering what he will be when he grows up, all the cuddles, the cute clothes, bonding, and breastfeeding. All was well, except we didn’t get off to such a great start with feeding. Being a first time mom, I didn’t know what a successful latch was. After a week of frustration, pain and tears, we called for help. We heard about Janai through a friend of ours. She came to our house and was very personable and very excited to meet our son and help in any way she could. She watched as we tried to feed and she noticed some things that none of the doctors or nurses saw. Our son was tongue-tied and it made it difficult for him to latch. She sent a letter to our doctor explaining the issue and advocated that our son have the procedure done to fix it.At first I really believed that the procedure would be the answer to all our problems. I had no idea that I had a long road ahead of me. I didn’t realize how my supply would be affected as a result. I never imagined that it would take 2 months for us to figure out breastfeeding without pain. I really had no clue what I was doing. Sure, there were many people eager to give their advice. But after a while so many voices becomes overwhelming. I was so grateful for Janai. Not only was she a consistent voice and knew our issues, but she really thought about everything she could, to help us. I was so grateful that she was available any time day or night. Many times I would send a text, asking about this or that, and she would respond quickly.But the thing I am to the most grateful for is how encouraging she was. She really championed our efforts. I asked her several times, “Do you really think we can get this, with all that we have going against us?” And she would say, “You know, I have seen a lot and I really do believe you have a 90% chance of success.”And she was right! We have been happily breastfeeding for over two months now. Thanks Janai for your knowledge, your availability and your encouragement!!

I battled with this for several years and then...
City: Ketchikan

My entire life I have had to work with one kidney, under active thyroid and epidermolysis from birth. Somewhere along those years, I developed Type II Diabetes to add to the mix. My body was out of sync, I wasn’t sure whether to eat and what to eat and how much and then had the added burden of being put on medications that I didn’t want to take. I battled with this for several years and then… along came an option. That option was that I could take control of the situation, go to a reputable Dietician, MD and Nephrologist, which is exactly what I did. Thanks to the knowledge Janai Meyer, Dietician passed on to me, not only have I lost weight, got my diabetes under control with a 5.5 – 6.3 A1c and in May 2013, my doctors took me off medications, saying, “you have it under control and let’s see how you do without these”. Needless to say, I was ecstatic and Janai was the first person I called…!

My baby finally started gaining weight
City: Ketchikan

We were having issues with my baby not gaining weight. The doctor was doing lots of tests but we couldn't find anything wrong. I decided to take matters into my own hands and call the lactation specialist. I am so glad I did! A few weeks of talking with her and following the plan she set for us and we started to see results. My baby finally started gaining weight! I am very happy with the service we got and would recommend her to anyone!

I called Janai recently with concerns that my 5 month old wasn't taking a bottle. She would be going to daycare soon and I was very stressed about the situation...on. Janai gave me some fabulous advise from what nipples to try to how to transition from nursing to the bottle then to solids. She was also very reassuring about the fact that everything would turn out fine weather Ava took a bottle or not. I would recommend Janai to any nursing mommy 🙂 See More

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