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by Kari Natwick on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Business Support

Janai was a tremendous resource for me as I started my own nutrition practice. She gave me practical advise on navigating through the world of providing telehealth, credentialing and insurance. She was also so supportive and encouraging! I am so grateful to her!

by Arrianne Cayde on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
The Best

Janai has always been very helpful since the beginning of my motherhood journey! I am a first time mom, I had problems with breastfeeding/latching/clogged. I met her when she did a house visit 5 days post partum. She taught me everything I needed to know then. If you have a questions, rest-assured.. Janai will have an answer for you. She truly cares about us mamas . I love coming in to see her in the office, I always feel at ease when I talk to her and is very supportive of my decisions. She is very knowledgeable and informative. I always learn something new when I talk to her. She is always there when I need her, always a phone call or a text away. Thank you so much for your support, kindness, and love.

by Katie Race on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Janai came to my rescue

Janai came to my rescue at a time of need. I am pregnant with my first baby. Filled with excitment and fear of the unknown, I was disappointed to find out that Peace Health didn't offer any support for preparring for child birth, labor and becoming a new Mom. Infact there are no services in Ketchikan at this point in time, I kept being told "we might provide classes in the Spring. I'm due March 25th, so you may be able to understand my feelings of doing this alone with no preparation. A week later I was sent a link to Janai by a good friend. Janai was looking for volunteers to help her with her Doula and child birth preparation certification. I jumped at the chance to gain some knowledge. Janai has been wonderful, she has helped me face some of my fears and she is so easy to talk to. She's helped us to think about things that we wouldn't have thought of on our own. I'm gaining more information at every meeting and asking more questions during my Dr. appointments. I'm so greatful for her... View More

by Wendy Stidd on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Friendly and Very Helpful

I really enjoyed working with Janai when I had my son and trying to figure out how to breastfeed. Janai is very friendly, super helpful and make you feel very comfortable. Janai helped me try different things with my son when we struggled with breastfeeding and at the end when things didn’t work the way I had hoped didn’t make me feel like a failure when decided to end our breastfeeding/pumping journey.

by Breanna Burling on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Miracle Worker

I've never felt more like home in a "professional space." From the moment I entered her space, I felt at rest; like she already worked her magic. Thank you Janai for making me feel comfortable and really helping me uncover my breastfeeding dilemma. You are an angel! Can't thank you enough for your love, kindness, and support you gave us today

by Nolan on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Nutrigenomics Helped

For the longest time, foods caused GI upset. This made meal times an unnecessary hurdle. After receiving the results from the Nutrigenomics test with the support and individualized food and supplement plan from Janai (aka mom), I felt like I had answers. It gave me quantitative data and provided explanations, which made eating easier and improved my health

by Julie on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Absolutely fabulous

I would recommend Janai to anyone looking for a personalized nutrition plan. She is very knowledgeable and presents the information in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

by Alexandra Ginter on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Sanity savior

Janai is absolutely wonderful! My son presented with a horrible rash that had turned into impetigo. A traveling pediatrician had diagnosed him with a dairy intolerance and nonchalantly encouraged me to either cut dairy out of my diet or switch to formula. I had asked for tips on cutting dairy completely out of my diet. Thankfully Janai offered to help me with a dairy free diet if I felt he really did have an intolerance. (which would not have been a walk in the park). turns out my son actually had a reaction to the lotion I used.

by Penny Hamlin on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Janai is AMAZING!!

My family cannot thank Janai enough for all her care and personal attention she gave us before and after the birth of our baby. My baby girl had significant reflux when she was born and Janai made a home visit within two days of bringing her home. She helped with her latch and gave us valuable information regarding her reflux. A few months later when I had severe mastitis, Janai met us right away at her office to help us deal with it. Janai is truly a gift to our community! We are so fortunate that she lives here! I wish I could have consulted with her 10 years ago when I had my son 🙂

by Susan on Janai Meyer Nutrition & Lactation, LLC.
Janai : A Hidden Gem

I have been suffering from extreme diarrhea for about 4 years now. I have been to family practice, through specialists in Seattle. Test after test no one could figure out what was going on or how to control it. I have been on a lot of medications. I was revered to Janai to look at me diet. After just a few visits she told me about “Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth”. It is where the bacteria in your intestines grow at a rapid pace and cause excessive diarrhea. None of my doctors have heard of it. In fact they had me taking probiotics. That just made matters worse. Because of Janai’s education, background, listening to her clients, and caring she was able to help me guide my doctors to something they did not know about. Janai goes out of her way to care for and help her clients. I would recommend her for any services she offers. She is fantastic, caring, easy to talk to, genuinely cares about each client. If you have a lactating need for expected mom’s, Dietition, or any thing else... View More

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