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American Diabetes Association

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

We have received Recognition by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Education Recognition Program (ERP) which endorses the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) under the umbrella of the State of Alaska
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Business Support

Janai was a tremendous resource for me as I started my own nutrition practice. She gave me practical advise on navigating through the world of providing telehealth, credentialing and insurance. She was also so supportive and encouraging! I am so grateful to her... view more

The Best

Janai has always been very helpful since the beginning of my motherhood journey! I am a first time mom, I had problems with breastfeeding/latching/clogged. I met her when she did a house visit 5 days post partum. She taught me everything I needed to know then. ... view more

Janai came to my rescue

Janai came to my rescue at a time of need. I am pregnant with my first baby. Filled with excitment and fear of the unknown, I was disappointed to find out that Peace Health didn't offer any support for preparring for child birth, labor and becoming a new Mom. ... view more

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