Childbirth Support Services

Childbirth is the powerful right of passage into parenthood. This is one of the truly great transformative life journeys of preparing, gathering (nesting) during pregnancy, the ordeal (laboring) and the return and reclaim (postpartum) .

Unfortunately, no one can walk this path for you. So, focusing on how you are equipped to navigate potential choices and challenges of the childbirth and your new role as a parents, will help you awaken both your inner wisdom and modern knowledge of birthing and parenting. Allowing you to confidently make the best decision for you in the moment.  

Ideally, childbirth support services and preparation will reduce your risk of birth trauma and unnecessary birth interventions. Instead of focusing on the birth outcomes, I guide you to navigate your adventure, bravely and compassionately, into parenthood from the Maiden to the Love Warrior (protector) Mother, informed and confident. 

I am a certified  Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator and trained Doula gratful to support your journey into parenthood. I mentor new and expecting parents. Guiding them to uncover their inner WISDOM and explore the overwhelming options to fully participate and engage in their pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn care and feeding journey, confidently, realistically, and calmly.

On New Years day in Alaska my story started. Currently, I am raising my two boys, a few foster fur babies, and a small backyard chicken flock in southern Alaska. For 20+ years, I have been a Registered Dietitian and board-certified in Lactation. Happily, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn care have always held my heart’s passion. We may be all scattered right now while navigating life in a pandemic. So, do not worry, I am just a call, zoom, or email away.

CLIENT Childbirth Support Stories - Janai Came to My Rescue

Janai came to my rescue at a time of need. I was pregnant with my first baby. Filled with excitement and fear of the unknown, so you may be able to understand my feelings about doing this alone with no preparation. Janai was looking for volunteers to help her with her doula and childbirth certification. I jumped at the chance to gain some knowledge. Janai has been wonderful, she has helped me face some of my fears, and she is so easy to talk to, and she’s helped us think about things that we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. I’m gaining more information at every meeting and asking more questions during my Dr. appointments. I’m so grateful for her.

~Katie Race

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